What clients say about Reflections Splashbacks

Second to none.

I have almost finished my kitchen renovation and was looking at different Splashback options online that wasn’t going to cost a fortune. I came across Reflections Splashbacks & read all the reviews and decided to order some samples. It all flowed from there. The customer service was impeccable. This, combined with other customers reviews, the great price & the informative videos had me sold. My Splashback cost me a fraction of the price that glass would have & looked super easy to install. Having the panels pre-cut before delivery meant the only thing I had to do was get a friend to help fix a panel that I had mismeasured and then install it! Simon was an absolute star responding to a query I had and fixed my issue in no time via a FaceTime call & some handy hints. At the end of the day, customer service is something you can’t put a price on and I have nothing but praise for the staff at Reflections Splashbacks. I have recommended these Splashbacks to multiple friends & to others on numerous Facebook groups. I’ve had so many compliments & people can’t believe it’s not glass. The price is incredibly affordable & the ease of installation is second to none.

Kylie Batten


The result is absolutely fantastic and we are extremely happy with it.

My wife and I decided some time ago that we would renovate our kitchen and dining rooms, I think Debbie pulled the wallpaper off the dining room 4 years ago. We made the decision to remove a wall between the two areas to make the kitchen feel bigger and started getting serious with planning in September last year. Debbie did a lot of web-based searching for products and found Reflections Splashbacks that she liked the look of. After making contact we received some samples in three colours we liked. After receiving the samples I looked at the videos and other instructions on the Reflections Splashbacks website which were very helpful. I loved the ability to cut the product myself and the ease with which it could be installed on the wall. The no-pressure follow up over the year that had our kitchen in tatters through COVID lockdown was awesome and in the end, the decision was easy to purchase our splashback from Reflections. Not being a qualified builder I was a little nervous about getting the right size panels to fit the space we wanted to cover and contacted Simon for advice. I had an idea in my head of what I thought would work but when Simon looked at what we needed he suggested 2 panels cut to size for space, this advice has worked so well as there are only two small butt joins in a wall 4 metres x 1.5 metres. I was also nervous about cutting the product but found when I started it was easy to do with a Jigsaw. The result is absolutely fantastic and we are extremely happy with it. We wanted clean lines in our kitchen and wanted a smooth surface on our splashback. It is so easy to clean! I am sure to do this area in glass would have been a very expensive and difficult job. If it could have been done at all! We would happily recommend Reflections Splashbacks to anyone wanting to do a renovation or a new kitchen. They look awesome and are so easy to install! Any handyman could do it! As it is an aluminium based product they are also very light and easy to handle. Thank you so much for your service and follow up over our renovation. It was the service, advice and follow up that really sold it for us, although the product is so good it could probably sell itself!

Mark Bond


Install splashbacks for the first time.

I found Reflections Splashbacks in Google search results for my kitchen renovation. I easily understood the benefits of the products from the videos on your website. Whenever I asked Simon questions, he answered promptly. He was always customer-oriented. His quick and kind response was really helpful for me to install splashbacks for the first time. The colour visualiser is also very helpful!! The splashbacks were dispatched on the day after the final measurements, and installed within a few hours to get a beautiful look. It was very beneficial for me to finish the long-running renovation. My builder and friend who has just installed glass splashbacks into her new kitchen were also so impressed with its easy installation, good price and stylish look. I’d like to recommend to those who don’t know Reflections Splashbacks yet.

Shoko Miyamoto


No danger of cracking glass!!

A Good old Google search and then the quick response with enquires made us seal the deal. It seemed the perfect product for what we were wanting- ease of fitting, price and colour. Easy to clean and I love the colour- it changes depending on the sunlight on it! I would recommend this to anyone that is doing up a kitchen. The electrician was impressed as it was so easy to install the sockets – no danger of cracking glass !!

Sarah Kuggeleijn


Saving $s

We have been talking about putting in a splashback for some me years now. I wanted tiles as I do mosaics for a hobby but my husband wanted a glass unit, hence we have not made progress. One day sitting at the table I could see marks on the wall I did not like, so began a search online and your product came up. That began our journey. I sent for samples of colours, but they never came and we assumed COVID had got in the middle of the transaction. I made contact a second time feeling rather cross with the company, but that got resolved and we got the samples and made a colour choice from that point. It seemed so simple to install it ourselves once the company had cut it to our measurements. The delivery had gone over the 5 days and again I made contact to find the purchase and learned the driver was in Wanganui with it onboard ready to deliver the freight. He was obliged to work with and nicely mannered which us oldies appreciate.
Downloading the instalment instruction proved to be a mission for us but we got there. I guess that could have been included in the package. A small detail but important. We decided to buy because it was not glass, the colours were nice and the fact we could install it, saving $s. We were quite clear about what we were getting, another bonus. The kitchen actually looks bigger now with the reflective surface. We would recommend your product to friends actually we already have as we have friends building a house right now and we’re looking at options for these details and after seeing ours will probably call later in the year.
Hope the above is what you were looking for from us.

Jan Arnold


Seriously consider your products!

A friend who had just built a house told us about you. I decided on to get some splashback fro you guys because it is easier than tiles and cheaper than glass. It is easy to install and clean. The splashback looks great too! Anyone doing a kitchen, bathroom or laundry should seriously consider your products in the design.

Malcolm Walker


An attractive, robust easy clean surface.

When we remade our kitchen, we tried getting our old splashback repainted. We were painting it a light colour but the glass gave the colour a green tinge. Tried 3 times then gave up. The Paint shop showed us some samples of your product and the colour range had a suitable colour. A big help was getting large off-cuts to try at home. Getting it cut to size including switch cutouts made it very easy for me to fit it. When the freight company failed to deliver splashback, your response was to make a new one and deliver it the same day I rang. I would recommend the product to anyone wanting an attractive, robust easy clean surface.

Doug Meier


I loved how it looked so professional and the fit was perfect.

I was building a house and needed a splashback and I had limited funds. Your product was exactly what I needed. I had my rangehood slightly higher as I have a tall family and it was able to be modified easily enough. The package I choose came with everything we needed for a professional look. It came damaged the first time and it was quickly replaced. I loved how it looked so professional and the fit was perfect. Easy to clean and I am super rapped with it. Absolutely, I have already given out your web details and got some people to look you guys up.

Annie Jardine


Excellent service, competitive price

I was originally unsure about purchasing a Reflections Splashback because it was not very well known to me. I decided to purchase a splashback because of the price and ease to fix. I have found the timing and service excellent in regards to the product. I recommend Reflections splashbacks to anyone looking, it’s price is competitive to any other splashback. 

Enrica Flore


The look achieved is brilliant, without having to pay a top of the market price.

We were undertaking a small renovation to an additional lounge area in our home and wanted to incorporate an area where guests staying could make tea and coffee.  Because this new area was also part of the lounge, we needed it to look attractive and to blend in with the existing lounge features.  To achieve this we brought on board Kitchens Unlimited, Taupo to project manage the alterations, with ideas generated by searching the internet and the creative flair and knowledge of Jo Heaslip from Kitchens Unlimited. After researching the various options at different price points, the Reflections Panels were an obvious choice.  The colours available are attractive and the panels are a smooth finish with a glossy look that’s modern and stylish.  The look achieved is brilliant, without having to pay a top of the market price.   The end result is that the room looks attractive, the splashback gives a practical finish to a wet area and is easy to wipe down and maintain in excellent condition. I would recommend this product to anyone wishing to add an aesthetically pleasing and yet practical panel solution to a wall area.  The panel doesn’t need to be used in a wet area but could also be used to add contrast and interest to multiple areas in a home   

Rona Taylor-Smith


A year later still looks fantastic!

I found you via the internet. I didn’t want glass or tiles this was a great alternative for easy cleaning and now the kitchen looks sleek and stylish and so easy to clean. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is renovating their kitchen or bathroom, it’s a great product and a year later still looks fantastic. 

Kathy Jarrett


The fact you had a lot more choice in panel sizes which meant we could be a lot more creative with what we wanted to do.

What started as a simple replace door fronts & benchtops ended up being a complete strip out of the kitchen & start from scratch. The kitchen was designed around a new stove, as a result of that, we found a lot of the splashbacks available were too small or far too expensive for what we wanted to do. The search for large panel splashbacks eventually took us to Reflections. The large selection of colours & finishes but the main thing that made us choose Reflection Splashbacks was the fact you had a lot more choice in panel sizes which meant we could be a lot more creative with what we wanted to do. The ability to fit a splashback the full height of the wall and over the full 1100mm width of the stove without having a join was the biggest benefit. The other benefit was having the rest of the benchtop splashbacks custom cut to suit what we wanted. We’ve been recommending Reflection Splashbacks to everyone and anyone and not just for kitchens. We’re now thinking about using some of the panels in a bathroom project next year.

Charlie Riley


It looks stunning!

We found Reflections during an online search. We requested samples and were delighted when they arrived – exactly the dark red I wanted and an excellent price. A month or so later we went to the joinery factory (my partner designed and built our kitchen) who we were working with and in their showroom they featured a Reflections Splashback. It looked awesome and we knew we were going to go ahead and order. All correspondence with you was effective, straight forward and efficient. The measurement process went well and included cut outs for power points. Together with the cost it was an excellent service and product. Installation was no problem and we love the final result. It looks stunning with the stone bench top and led lighting. We were very impressed with the whole experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Reflections Splashbacks to anybody building or updating their kitchen. 

Hilary Graham


Very low maintenance.

We have just finished building our first new house. Our budget was very tight, but we really wanted a new house that would look way more valuable than what we spent on it. I designed the house myself and did a heap of research online hunting for good deals and new ways to do things that would save money. The kitchen and bathrooms were spaces that we realised we could make some substantial savings by hunting down bargains and buying online. And it was then we found Reflections Splashback. The house was almost finished by the time I found Reflections. We were originally going to tile the splashback as glass was way too expensive and acrylic wasn’t suitable for behind the cooktop. However, we weren’t that keen on having grout get filthy from cooking. Then I found Reflections, and at about a third the price of glass or even cheaper, it seemed like a no brainer. Most people would think it was expensive glass so it would add perceived value to our kitchen. It also meant no grout, so very low maintenance, which is what our house is all about. We ordered some samples, asked a few questions by email and watched the DIY videos to check how easy installation would be. The ease of installing was a big plus too especially with being able to send Reflections a drawing for them to pre-cut it for us. Immediately, having no grout to keep clean is a huge advantage. It’s so easy to keep looking brand new and it looks great. Looks awesome when our LED strip lighting is on too. I would recommend Reflections panels to anyone doing a new build or renovating a kitchen. It’s an extremely easy product to work with, is dirt cheap compared to the alternatives and looks great. Best of all, it can go behind a cooktop. One recommendation I’d like to make though, it would be great to have a larger range of colours or even colour matching and/or the ability to add patterns or images to a panel. 

Nathan Rattray


Love our choice!!!

I entered Splashback in google then found Reflections there and was most impressed with website and interaction/communication from Reflections. The testimonies, samples, description, and professionalism of Reflections is what helped me decide to purchase. Love our choice, the light colour is great for not showing the dirt so much. Easy to clean, easier than glass which I had previously. Delivered to home on our measurements, and installed by our builder so cutting costs. Great Youtube videos, very informative and simple on all aspects. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I believe builders are converted. Price is great and compares favourably with any other splashback material. Much easier installation and upkeep than glass or tiles. 

Rosemary Hargreaves