Transform Your Space with Custom Reflections Splashbacks

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Discover the seamless process of customizing your kitchen with our Reflections Splashbacks. From free sample ordering to installation, we guide you every step of the way.

Order Free Samples

Choose your favorite colors and textures and see them in person by ordering a free sample today!

Custom Panel Installation

Install your custom-cut panels easily, with options for DIY or professional installation.

How It Works

Your Guide to a Perfect Splashback

Begin your journey to a more beautiful kitchen with Reflections Splashbacks. First, order free samples to pick your preferred style and color. Next, watch our detailed measuring video to ensure you capture the exact dimensions needed for your space. Once you have your measurements, send them to us to receive a personalized quote. After finalizing your order, we’ll cut your panels to your specifications and deliver them directly to you. Finally, install your new panels yourself with our easy-to-follow instructions, or opt for professional installation. Enjoy the transformation of your kitchen or bathroom with a stylish, durable splashback that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

With Reflections, you’re not just renovating; you’re reinventing your space with a product backed by a 7-year warranty. Our splashbacks are heat resistant, fade resistant, and can be installed behind gas stoves, unlike many alternatives. Choose Reflections for a superior, long-lasting addition to your home.

Step 1

1. Order Free Samples

Choose your favorite colors and see our high-quality panels in person by ordering free samples.

Step 2

2. Watch Our Measuring Video

Learn how to accurately measure your space for a custom fit by watching our detailed instructional video.

Step 3

3. Get A Quote

Send us your measurements to receive a personalised quote for your custom panels.

Step 4

4. Order Your Custom Panel

Place your order for the custom-cut panels and we’ll prepare them for delivery.

Explore Our Range With Free Samples!

How to measure up for your splashback or bathroom panel

Send Us Your Measurements For A Quote!

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