Why do we apply silicone as a sealant around the Reflections Panels

It is common place to be applying silicone in the finishing stages of installing a splashback panel.

Its purpose is threefold.

  1. It seals the junction between the panel and other surfaces that interact with it.
  1. It is a flexible joint or expansion/contraction joint.  (This means that as the building moves ( which they all do ) the joint is in a positon to expand and contract preventing any panel deformation.)
  1. It provides good asthetics

What type of Silicone should we use.

There is an array of silicones on the market, Many are formulated for specific purposes and conditions.

There are two main options when applying silicone to a Refelctions Panel. 

  1. The first and most common silicone to use is an acid cure tilers silicone.

This product is available in many colours and is available at tile outlets.

The advantage with the acid cure silicone is that it “tools” very well.  This means it is easy to apply and when removing excess it leaves a very smooth and even finish

  1. The second option is a tilers neutral cure silicone, this option  should be used if you have a marble benchtop.  Marble is a very soft stone and it is possible the acid cure silicone could bleed into the Marble.  This is only an issue with Marble and not an issue with granite or other engineered stone benchtops.  The Neutral cure silicones dont tool quite as well.  Both of these options are formulated with anti microbial properties designed to prevent mould growth.


As a “Rule of Thumb” it is advsable to match the silicone colour to your bench top.   

“Second Rule of Thumb” – if possible use a shade of grey.

Most engineered benchtops you will find have a fleck of grey in them and if that is the case – we recommend using a shade of grey.

Grey is a colour that works with most panel colours – most benchtops and most cabinetry.

Grey doesnt not show dirt.  Stay away from white as much as possible.  White silicone will look great the day you apply it and it will look dirty from that day on. Especially if using it as a sealer between the panel and your benchtop.

Changing Colours.

We sometimes do a colour change between the Panel/Benchtop and the Panel Cabinetry.   We consider this when the contrasting colours between the bendhtop and cabinets is extreme.  Ie if the benchtop is Black and the cabinery is white.and the Reflections 

Panel is White or white marble.

In this instance we would consider running a black silicone along the benchtop junction and then changing to white to go between the white panel and the white cabinetry.

Alot of these considerations comes down to personal choice and what looks good.

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