About Reflections Splashbacks

Reflections Splashbacks are a quality product that will look good in your home and stand the test of time.


Reflections is a Mineral Fibre, Fire Retardant core sandwiched between two 0.5 mm aluminium skins.


The finish is a nanotechnology Fluorocarbon coating, giving a high quality, reflective finish.


The panel is 4.5 mm thick and comes double sided. Meaning the panel you receive will have your chosen colour on one side, and an alternate colour on the reverse.

Fire Retardant

As we have mentioned, the mineral core is fire retardant, it will not ignite until the temperature reaches 409 degrees celsius.

Heat Resistant

Testing carried out on the Reflections Splashback and Wall Panel on the 8th of July 2015 has shown that the panel complies with AS 4551 and NZS: 5601.1.2013

Reflections Splashback and Wall Panel installation instructions recommends a minimum distance of 110mm be maintained between the edge of the rear burner and Reflections Splashback Panel. This requirement is mandatory unless the Panel is being adhered to a non-combustible substrate such as an existing tile wall, concrete, or brick. The requirements of NZS 5601.1:2013 (clause 6.2.5) requires that the surface temperature of any nearby combustible surface will not exceed more that 65 degrees celcius above ambient temperature.

The testing carried out by Gas Technology Services, Melbourne, Australia  NATA Accredited Laboratory 676, tested Reflections Splashback Panel at a distance of 110mm from the rear burner under normal use conditions. This resulted in an ambient temperature rise of the substrate behind the panel of 30 deg. Report No A30-15-0060-TRP-366558-0

At the clearances nominated, the Reflections Splashback and Wall Panel provided adequate protection to pass all of the tested requirements of the standard AS 4551 and NZS 5601.1;2013


The panel is 100% water resistant, making it the perfect solution for bathrooms and laundries.

UV Stable

The panel and colours are 100 % UV stable, colours will not fade, which is perfect for our often harsh New Zealand conditions.

Panel Care

Panel can be cleaned with warm soapy water or any other basic kitchen cleaning products with a mircofibre cloth. DO NOT clean your panels with abrasive products such as cream cleansers (Jif etc.) as you will scratch the finish.

The panels are very easy to clean and come up beautifully with just mild kitchen cleaners. They not only look good, they make your cleaning so much easier!

Why choose reflections?


Don’t compromise style for your budget, create the look you want.


Easy to clean, leaving you more time for what you like.


Perfect for behind hobs and cooktops.


Include in your bathroom and laundry for a cohesive, stylish look.


Simple DIY installation and grout-free for a seamless finish.


Available in a range of colours to suit your home.